Adriana Hernandez-Bergstrom is a Cuban-American mixed-media illustrator and designer who loves creating charming characters, cheerful paintings, and sweet imagery for kids and kids-at-heart. At RISD, she studied industrial design and printmaking at the University of Miami. She lived in Germany for many years and speaks English, Spanish, and German.

Contact Adriana (don’t forget to include your company name) if you're looking for the following services:

  • Custom artwork both digital or traditional media

  • Mixed media artwork to license

  • Digital illustrations to license

  • Hand-lettering

  • Surface Design/ Textile Print Development

  • Pattern Repeats

  • Original paintings or prints to purchase

Client List: DesignDesign, Babalu Inc., Jillson&Roberts, CardIsle, PicCollage, 3M Unitek, YMCA, Signed! Birthday Cards, Anne Kingston

Contributor: Typodarium Calendar, Uppercase Creative Calendar, Twist Collective Magazine

Her knitting patterns can be found on Ravelry.  
Her typographic creations can be licensed via MyFonts.  

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